We were meant to go to Rome the other week with some close friends to watch Italy play England in the Six Nations. It was a trip conceived two years ago and booked a year ago. We were really lucky in a way as the FO travel advice to not to travel to Italy came the day before we were due to go and not the day after.

We changed our plans and headed to Kent, which is an area I’ve never really explored. Crossing the Dartford Bridge I remembered going to Littlebrook Power Station with Instem whilst on YTS probably in about 1991. Looking down to the left there was no power station. I was convinced it was viewable from the bridge so a quick google and… it was decommissioned in 2015.

So it’s now official. I am now old, old enough to have worked on a computer system for a power station that was decommissioned five years ago. Oh well, I had a fantastic time in Kent. Leeds Castle is picture perfect (but sadly also rather fake in some ways); Dover Castle is absolutely stunning and absorbed a whole day.

The moral of this story? We always have to plan for the best, adjust when things change or don’t go as we want and never ever think that things we put ‘blood sweat and tears’ into will last beyond their useful life. But mainly, grab hold of and enjoy the twists and turns.