Baskerville Drummond has announced details of another key hire to strengthen its IT service offering.

Former Clarion Solicitors IT director Nigel Stott has joined to lead the consultancy’s work on Microsoft 365, while also providing support on strategy and selection projects.

David Baskerville comments: “With Microsoft 365 now on so many firms’ roadmaps, Nigel is a valuable and hugely timely addition to the team. His work over the past two years has been focused on not just deploying the Microsoft solution but also optimising it for use in law firms, particularly the leveraging of its data governance and discovery capabilities. I’ve known Nigel for many years and he won’t mind me saying that such expertise, combined with his ‘wise old head’ is a great asset for those looking to move or who have already made the move to M365 and who want to maximise their returns from it.”

Nigel Stott adds: “Having had time in practice, in-house, and with a vendor, I am perhaps a slightly more extreme form of poacher-turned-gamekeeper. But that very rounded insight and understanding goes a long way to helping firms use  the right solutions in the right way. That goes for M365 too, which isn’t some magic bullet solving every technical and operational problem – there’s still plenty of work needed to migrate safely and adopt confidently, and I’m looking forward to helping Baskerville Drummond clients do just that.”