Repstor in partnership with Baskerville Drummond – Thursday, February 11 2021 at  10:30am GMT

Microsoft 365 is fast becoming an unparalleled suite of business applications and services which is continually improving through significant and sustained investment.

As a law firm investing in (or considering) Microsoft 365 have you considered how you can leverage the maximum value from this powerful platform? Could it be the bedrock of your technology strategy going forward? In this webinar we will cover how Microsoft 365 already delivers on the capabilities provided by many of the niche platform vendors in the legal sector across topics such as Document Management, Intranet, Workflow, Analytics and Client Collaboration.

We will also demonstrate that with the right approach and combination of products you can build a Microsoft 365-based approach that:

  • Can reduce your reliance and expenditure on legacy, proprietary technologies;
  • Provides security tools to protect your data and meet compliance requirements 
  • Deliver a more modern, efficient and flexible user experience for your fee earners, and;
  • Has the flexibility to meet the needs of the quickly evolving legal landscape

10.30am - Thur 11 Februray