Save the date – Baskerville Drummond & Katchr Webinar

Effective Financial Reporting in Law Firms: How to make a difference with your Management Information

Making your law firm more profitable and more cash generative should be the driver for all your financial reporting. However, some management reporting packs contain dozens of reports, the majority of which are not read, let alone properly understood.

Partners and Managers in law firms rarely have the time to study and analyse the reports they get. What they therefore need are reports that focus upon the key drivers of profit and cashflow and helps management understand what needs to be addressed.

This webinar is aimed at all law firm managers, from Managing Partners, Department Heads through to Team Leaders and of course, Finance Directors and Managers and others who need to know how their firm, or their bit of the firm, is performing.

It will be led by Richard Wyatt from Baskerville Drummond, and features Graham Moore from KATCHR, who will provide guidance as to:

What, When, Why and How you should report, to make things happen with your firm.

KATCHR converts your law firm data into valuable Business Intelligence and provides you with tailored dashboards to ensure that the key data is instantly available for management, without the need for any great IT skills.  Graham Moore is the founder and CEO of KATCHR and has many years’ experience of financial reporting in the legal industry

Baskerville Drummond specialise in SME law firm business strategy, particularly focussing upon IT and finance matters.  Richard Wyatt is a Chartered Accountant and experienced law firm Finance Director and has advised and trained law firms on effective -simplified – financial reporting for over 30 years.”

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13.00 - 14.30 Fri 31 March