In your firm do you suffer from:

Not having a realistic and achievable business strategy?

Weak financial operational skills?

Late or inaccurate reporting?

A lack of sufficient financial information?

 No focus on profit improvement?

Cash flow struggles?

Or more?

Perhaps you haven’t got the direction within the firm to help put these in place?

In many firms a Finance Director, (FD), is what you need and they are the people who help you through that stuff – but they can be expensive if you have a full-time one and what do you do with a FD when they aren’t doing high-grade FD stuff?  Let’s face it, they really aren’t needed all day – every day.

Why don’t you therefore just buy enough time from a FD to resolve these issues for you, without having to employ a full-time FD?

Part-time FDs provide the amount of input you need, without you having to pay them when they are not solving your finance problems, like those outlined above.

And they don’t always need to be in the office.  These days, we are able to operate remotely, as virtual FDs, so you can access the best advice wherever it is based in the country – and they won’t drink your coffee!

Just a day a week or maybe a day a month, may be all you need to help you manage your business successfully and get the bank manager off your back!

Think about it…and if it seems like it could be worth learning more, call us on: 01908 592575 or 01908 592570

Written by...

Richard Wyatt FCA