Here’s the third in our new series presented by Nigel Stott that takes a more in-depth look at key aspects of M365 to help law firms learn and adopt with more confidence. Nigel’s done the learning, so you don’t have to, with the onus on pragmatic guidance and practical protection.

In episode three, Nigel looks at Microsoft 365 through the lens of automation.

Automation in Microsoft 365 provides easily accessible tools for law firms to automate common day-to-day business processes, such as expense form submissions, Lexcel policy review reminders, and inputting of supplier invoice details to finance systems.

Importantly, the tools have been designed using a ‘low code/no code’ approach which means that the development and maintenance of the automation doesn’t require involvement from the IT team necessarily.

In this overview, Nigel will walk you through:

  • How processes can be automated on M365
  • How to automatically trigger process flows
  • How to create a Power Automate flow