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Project type: MSP Selection

We have been proud to work with Radcliffe Chambers on several projects and have acted as a retained advisor for a couple of years.

During this time we had worked with the incumbent MSP to improve service and implement expected good practice into their service delivery.

The small owner-managed MSP who specialised in Barrister Chambers was purchased by a larger national “generic” MSP which resulted in a reduction of service and support.

After trying to turn the situation around it was recognised that the new owning company had lost many staff, knowledge of Radcliffe and that “owner managed” business attitude which the previous owners had displayed when issues were raised with them.

As a direct result of the reduction in service Radcliffe Chambers engaged us to help them identify and employ a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) and to oversee the transition from the incumbent to the new supplier

Whilst Barristers Chambers are in many ways similar to law firms, their needs are actually very different in that whilst clerks and other staff are provided with equipment, most Barristers provide their own devices and have a choice in what they use.

It was therefore essential that the incoming MSP understood the difference between the approaches and fully understood and were able to support and protect different devices deployed. Equally important was the self-supporting nature of Barristers and the time limitations they operate under; the MSP therefore must have slick processes so that when requesting support, Barristers can book in a time which works for them and the support team contact them within that window.

To support this, we developed a clear selection process and created a requirements document setting out the technical and security requirements along with service delivery expectation.

About Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers is a barristers’ chambers specialising in commercial, insolvency, pensions, private client, property and charity law. We are committed to our clients and work hard to maintain our position as a leader in our fields.

We provide legal advice and representation to law firms, corporates, financial institutions, trustees, charities, governments, private individuals and professional advisers, such as accountancy firms and insolvency practitioners.

Six MSP providers were invited to tender, one who specialised in Barristers, three who were recognised as leading law-firm MSPs with the remaining two being general MSPs with good reputations for service delivery. From their responses we provided Radcliffe with a business focused report setting out the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals and ensuring a like for like comparison of costs.

Following the report, the leading three vendors were invited to attend a presentation and interview session with the selection panel. The cultural match was a key consideration in the selection process and the “can do” attitude of one of the MSPs really shone through.

We worked with Fiona and Katarina to undertake due diligence on the preferred MSP including undertaking reference site calls and the initial contract review. During this phase we supported both parties with the creation of the go-live plan for a smooth transition.

At this point the MSP took control of the project and it is a sign of a good project well delivered that our engagement with Radcliffe came to an end as the service and support which is being delivered is as to expectations and our services in managing poorly performing support companies is no longer required.

“It was a real pleasure to work with David on this project. He led the project from start to finish. He understood the brief and guided us through to making the final decision. The project was delivered on time and on budget. Ultimately, we took more of a risk in appointing our MSP as they had less experience in dealing with a business such as ours. We felt confident in doing so as the brief from the outset was very clear and through David’s guidance and incisive questioning, we felt sure we could make it work and it has! I would have no hesitation in recommending David in undertaking a project such as this.“

Fiona Fitzgerald

CEO, Radcliffe Chambers

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