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Information governance – Why now? And where do you start? – Wed 22 November @ 13.00

It can be difficult to know where to start when first considering an information governance strategy. The scale and breadth of the challenge, as well as the fast-moving pace of technological change can mean that it is a project that is often kicked further and further down the road.

In doing so, the problem and indeed the mountain of data just gets bigger and bigger over time. As do your data storage costs plus your compliance and security risks from holding on to excess data longer than you should.

During this educational session, Chris Giles of LegalRM and Baskerville Drummond’s Cathy Kirby will discuss:

  • The reasons why pressure is growing for firms to manage their data efficiently and compliantly
  • The challenges faced when scoping and deploying an effective information governance framework

Chris will then go on to suggest a 5-step plan to achieving information governance and share practical strategies for simplifying the process.

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iCompli by LegalRM is a flagship suite of integrated record management tools. Chris Giles is LegalRM’s CEO, with 20 years’ experience of the challenges and changing requirements for records management and compliance in complex law firms and parallel sectors.

Baskerville Drummond specialise in SME law firm business strategy, particularly focusing on IT and finance matters. Cathy Kirby has over 30 years’ experience working in legal IT, dealing with all aspects of IT change projects and focusing particularly on ensuring that cyber security and data governance are core to any solution.

13.00 - 14.30 Wed 22 November 2023

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