Merger Support for Veale Wasbrough Vizards

Enabling the integration of another firm’s IT into VWV

Executive Summary
Client challenge:
Veale Wasbrough Vizards was to merge with a smaller, £1M turn-over firm based in London. The project had the following challenges:

  • The timescales for the merger were very demanding.
  • The VWV IT team was already heavily committed to other projects.
BDC’s Solution
Baskerville Drummond provided merger support by undertaking the following activities:

  • Engaged with the relevant suppliers and staff at the target firm.
  • Performed a review of the target firm’s current IT environment and identified all data across their various systems that required transfer into VWV’s systems.
  • Provided several options for exporting the target firm’s PMS data.
  • Set out the timelines required to meet a very tight timescale.
  • Worked with both firms and their suppliers to project manage and facilitate the smooth transfer of the required data to allow all staff to use the VWV environment immediately following the merger.
Engagement impact

  • VWF received clear plans for migrating key data such as PMS and payroll data, file shares and emails.
  • The merger was able to proceed within very tight timescales, approximately eight weeks from commencement of the project to merger date.
  • The firm’s IT team was able to continue with other projects which were already demanding their attention.