Baskerville Drummond has announced that long-standing Kindleworth associate Andrew Anderson is joining the team in the role of Virtual IT Service Manager (VITSM). Earlier this year Anthony Crammer came in as the consulting firm’s first VITSM and increasing client demand has now prompted the new hire.
David Baskerville explains: “Clients and the consulting team here at Baskerville Drummond both benefit from this ‘middle layer’ at it were – experienced, multi-disciplined, hands-on help for those instances where the right level of support may be lacking.

Typically, we’ve seen gaps open up after outsourcing to managed service providers, or changes to staffing, or adoption of cloud platforms where a more specialist skill set is required. Equally, some of the work that we as a consulting firm undertake can usefully leverage the VITSM’s skills and on-site working, especially where clients may not have the resources to drive projects through.

Andrew has had the perfect seven year ‘apprenticeship’ for the role, working across multiple clients for managed service provider Kindleworth. It’s given him the law firm knowhow and the technical expertise but above all the client service ethic, of being available and accountable and taking responsibility for getting the job done.

We’re delighted to welcome him and even more excited by this growing trend for insourced IT managers. This is not about replacing staff but complementing them and collaborating to improve IT performance and outcomes. With IT provision and digital strategy rapidly evolving, so do client needs – and we need to be ready to meet them.”