Today sees the launch of an innovative legal sector-specific group of like-minded professionals, dedicated and passionate about delivering holistic and value-adding consultancy services to law firms, called the Baskerville Drummond Group. Comprising founding members Legal Workflow Ltd, Baskerville Drummond LLP and Jayva UK Ltd, Baskerville Drummond Group offers an entirely people-focused solution which is unique in the industry.

The objective of the Group is to support the people within organisations as evidenced by its brand promise ‘business solutions for the people in law firms’. Baskerville Drummond Group is keen to stress this primary focus from the outset, reiterating that it is the quality of the relationships that take a supplier-law firm relationship to trusted-advisor status.

Recognising that people are at the heart of all companies, and a knowledgeable but personable approach delivers better end results, Baskerville Drummond Group has been formed by three specialist suppliers in the legal sector to address the evolving needs of modern-day legal service providers in a more collaborative way; the ultimate aim being to bring together people, process, technology and data.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services and business solutions under one umbrella brand, Baskerville Drummond Group’s portfolio includes software development solutions and third-party-system integrations, software and hardware consultancy, business management consultancy, project management, tailored training, and business process and system reviews.

Working with small to mid-sized law firms, Baskerville Drummond Group’s clients can extend the resources available to their respective teams by enlisting the Group to cover almost all of their law firm’s business project needs. Encouraging growth and continuous improvement by utilising existing resources to optimum effect and providing a one-stop-shop for busy practitioners, clients are promised a healthy return on their investment, with less risk and more reward, rather than managing multiple supplier relationships in multi-faceted project delivery.

Baskerville Drummond Group invites law firms to get in touch to take advantage of its plethora of consulting services. Recently appointed as IT provider of choice for the LawNet group, and a founding partner of Calico, there are some great offers available for new and existing clients alike as the Group launches its new brand and collection of services.

The founding partners, David Baskerville (Baskerville Drummond LLP), Martin Langan (Legal Workflow) and Nicola Moore-Miller (Jayva UK) comment: “We are delighted that we’re able to pool our resources, knowledge and experience to bring together our Group which will be of great value to our clients and future clients. The challenges of managing IT, system and process projects can be immense for a small to medium size law firm, and more importantly the people trying to manage them. By engaging Baskerville Drummond Group, legal professionals can be assured of an all-encompassing service which minimises risk and ensures consistency across all deliverables.”

For more information as a client or possible partner, please get in touch at