Telephone System Selection for Taylor & Emmet

Requirements analysis and supplier engagement to select a new telephone system

Executive Summary
Client challenge:
We were retained by Taylor & Emmet to consider the need for a new telephone system. The scope of the project was as follows:

  • To determine the business requirements for the Telephony system.
  • To document these requirements into a Request to Tender (RTT) Document.
  • To identify and short list both suppliers and technical solutions.
  • To provide information to lead to eventual solution selection.
BDC’s Solution
To facilitate the identification of the correct telephone system to meet the firm’s requirements.

  • Requirements were documented following interviews with key staff across the firm.
  • The market was researched for appropriate technical solutions and resellers
  • Assisted with the tender process to obtain standardised responses which were complete and could be compared.
  • Provided a full tender response summary to allow the firm to choose the most appropriate solution.
Engagement impact

  • An overview of our general IT observations.
  • A high-level summary of the firm’s current practice management system usage.
  • An IT recommendations paper to be used as guidance for the Chief Executive during a partners meeting.