Endeavour Partnership

Project type: IT Supplier Relationship Consultancy


Endeavour was just over halfway through a 3-year contract with its managed service provider (MSP) but the firm did not feel it was receiving an ideal level of service and support, particularly in respect of on-site assistance, even before the pandemic broke.

Furthermore, the firm then came under pressure from the MSP to refresh on-site hardware and commit to a long-term contract renewal as a part of this process.


  • Reviewed the current MSP agreement to advise on the
    firm’s contractual position.
  • Reviewed the proposals from the MSP relating to the on-site
    hardware and any possible contract extension.
  • Determined whether the current on-site hardware and software were indeed an immediate concern and/or unsupportable as suggested by the MSP and ascertained why the MSP believed replacement was such a priority.
  • Determined whether the solution used by the current MSP was the correct one for the longer-term, with particular focus on technologies in place, such as private cloud.

Based on the above, Baskerville Drummond recommended a way forward, both in terms of the current hardware and any longer-term arrangements with the MSP.

There were clearly frustrations on both sides with barristers expecting a two hour fix time, when in fact the MSP were offering a two hour response time; the MSP needing to access barristers’ local devices but being prevented from doing so; calls that didn’t get a first touch fix suffering extended resolution times.

There were some communication issues when support calls were raised by the office manager on behalf of a barrister and then communications not getting back to the person with the actual problem; service performance analytics often making no allowance for barristers’ availability and lack of response from them during this time. These are examples where daily stresses were having an attritional effect on confidence and morale on both sides.

Our advice to the chambers’ Chief Executive Fiona Fitzgerald was that actually this was a relationship worth working on. 

The MSP’s technical competency was good, they had the right attitudes and were willing to invest in the necessary remedial work. By the same token, Radcliffe Chambers also had to recognise its role in the relationship breakdown and come to the ‘mediation’ table with a view to making things work second time around.


Kevin’s input was invaluable at a time when the relationship with our MSP became strained. He assisted in ensuring that new arrangements were appropriate for our needs and allowed us to have greater confidence in our MSP going forwards.

Lee Bramley

Managing Partner, Endeavour Partnership LLP.


Baskerville Drummond was able to act as a neutral party between Endeavour and the supplier, keeping things professional and amicable and focused on optimal outcomes.

Baskerville Drummond’s knowledge of the market helped reassure Endeavour as to the merits of the strategy and of maintaining their existing MSP relationship.