Strategic Reviews

We carry out detailed reviews that deliver an independent assessment of your IT needs and options to support your short and long term business goals.

The type of reviews we undertake for our clients include:

IT Service Review

You cannot underestimate the importance your IT service plays in supporting you achieve your business goals.

We can help you achieve this by undertaking an IT Service Review; providing a complete assessment of your IT ecosystem.

To do this we evaluate your current IT system, internal processes, team skills and user experience and evaluate how this is aligned to your business strategy.

We can then confidently provide you with a pragmatic assessment of how the use of IT is currently supporting your business needs and recommend what you can do to make a greater impact with your clients, improve internal engagement and efficiency and align your IT strategy to your long term business objectives.

System Capabilities Review

Replacing your IT system is a significant investment in time and money and requires thoughtful consideration.

Often it seems that the simplest solution to IT frustrations is to replace your existing Practice Management System (PMS), Document Management System (DMS) or Case Management System (CMS) with a newer, shinier model which seems to do everything “out of the box”.

Before you instigate such a major investment we recommend a full review of your existing IT infrastructure, including suppliers, in light of your business strategy to identify where the incumbent IT solutions are holding the business back.

We undertake an extensive and independent review and provide you with a detailed explanation of the issues you face and clarity of whether a system replacement is required or if the existing system could be changed, potentially at a fraction of the cost.

Our promise is to remain independent of vendors and only recommend new IT systems when we can demonstrate the benefits it will bring to your business.


Major Project Feasibility Planning Review

Proper planning ahead of a major implementation ensures minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

To ensure successful implementation of a new IT system we assess the operational readiness of internal resources and the business as a whole before getting started.

We identify any skills gaps and resource constraints as well as highlight the impact your project may have on the day to day operations of your business.

Our experience of always being “on the ground” throughout the entire implementation phase means we are well placed to recommend what you need to do to prepare and ensure a seamless roll out with minimal disruption.