Implementation & Strategy Execution

We continually bring our extensive experience to each new project, blending consultancy and project management. We enjoy and take the role of the firm’s project lead and have acted as a trusted advisor to the firm’s Board.

Major System Implementation

Implementing a new Practice Management System (PMS), Document Management System (DMS) or Case Management System (CMS) is one of the most significant projects which a law firm will undertake.

These major projects occur infrequently, for example the life span of a Practice Management System is between 10 and 15 years so it is often the case that firms do not have staff that have undertaken such a project.

We have successfully supported our clients implement such systems either via our light-touch mentoring support or by more traditional hands-on project management & consultancy

Our role in these engagements is to ensure the product is implemented in such a way that it delivers to the firms strategic requirements. We will invest time in taking the necessary training so fully understand the product and the decisions which need to be made. This ensures our client gets the solution they want and not the solution the vendor thinks they want.

Mergers & De-Mergers

We understand that IT can be a major head-ache during Merger or De-Merger. We have successfully supported our clients through the journey by advising on post-merger IT strategy and offering hands-on consultancy and project management to make the merger go smoothly.

We have assisted with Partnership Separation and the resulting formation of new Businesses as well as the more standard whole-firm merger scenario. We also have experience of complex deals where there are multiple merger partners involved. In this circumstance we operate as the central advisor to ensure that the interests and needs of all parties are met.

IT should not be the “tail that wags the dog” during the merger or smooth demerger and it certainly should not be the barrier to a good business deal. With careful planning and creative thinking most challenges can be met.


Post Merger Issues

When things go wrong in the planning process this results in a pressurised post-merger environment which can very quickly get out of hand. Our consultants have experience of undertaking post-merger turnaround engagements.

We can take swift and decisive action to identify and address tactical quick-win items. Whilst also undertaking a processes to review the situation and developing the longer term strategy which is needed for the new firm. 

Project Management

People have the best intensions of effectively managing and executing projects. While without the right experience and deep technical IT knowledge it can be challenging, and at times, disastrous.

It is our experience that successful projects are those which are business-led and managed via an appropriate formal project management methodology. Many firms find a method such as PRINCE2 to its full application is too onerous so we have developed tools and techniques which are based on the principles and governance of PRINCE2 but do not get in the way of getting things done.

To safeguard the successful management and execution of all projects we ensure the business case, project stages and deliverables are clearly defined and well planned. Just as important is clear, open and regular communication with all parties and that there are no surprises, something we are good at!

Project Recovery

We appreciate implementing change including rolling out IT programmes, new portfolios and ad hoc projects within a firm can be challenging and sometimes daunting. We have successfully supported our clients through the journey by offering hands-on project management, mentoring to staff as well as being an advisor to management and boards.

Often major projects have strong business buy-in or expectations, but are not managed in a way which gives the stakeholders confidence that the right things are happening.

It is not unusual to find a project has started with the project team not fully defining requirements, understanding or fully planning the project. On occasions there is also a general lack of understanding of what has actually been agreed contractually. This is where we can help.

We have extensive experience in developing techniques to recover such projects which:

  1. Clearly defines the business vision and aims of the project
  2. Agree the outcomes of the project products in terms of key performance indicators and objectives
  3. Clearly defines what is in and out of the project scope
  4. Checks the contract deliverables against the project scope
  5. Achieves understanding and sign-off from all internal stakeholders and 3rd party suppliers
  6. Implements standard project management techniques to improve governance
  7. Formalises project communication strategy
  8. Creates a formal and achievable project plan

Of course once the project has been rescued we will assist with the successful delivery of the project through to conclusion.