We act as long-term trusted advisors to many Law Firms and are often the go-to people when a Law Firm has a technology challenge which is outside “Business as Usual”. We operate as advisors to management boards, directors, project steering groups as well as the firm’s IT Team.

All of our consultants have operated as IT Directors within large and medium sized law firms and are driven by ensuring the IT function is focused on supporting the businesses objectives.

Virtual IT Director

Many firms are faced with a similar problem. They need senior IT leadership and experience but simply, cannot justify the cost of recruiting and retaining such an expensive full-time resource or simply do not need a full time resource.

Often an operational IT manager picks up the gauntlet but ends up focused on day-to-day issues rather than advising the business on IT enhancements and/or strategy.

Such firms therefore lose out on many of the benefits that an experienced senior head of IT brings, such as :

  • IT leadership at board-level to gain buy-in and understanding of appropriate IT investments
  • Driving through essential changes and to ensure the IT strategy underpins the firm’s longer term strategy.

Often this need is temporary or only required part time – an extra resource to be brought in from time to time for a review or to run a project. Indeed the fact that this resource is independent, working with other firms, keeps them fresh and exposed to other ideas and situations – from which you may benefit.

With our Virtual IT Director service you will benefit from all the skills and experience of a senior IT Director as and when you require for a fraction of the price of a full time resource.

Our Virtual IT Director service is tailored for each client’s circumstances and needs. A typical engagement would include:-

  • A Full Strategic Review
  • Development of IT Strategy
  • Vendor management
  • Hardware, Software & Service procurement
  • Regulatory Policies & Procedures
  • Budget preparation and management
  • IT Team Management & Mentoring
  • Project Management
  • ROI analysis
  • Ad hoc guidance at significant times (e.g. office moves, mergers / acquisitions)
  • Expert input at specific events, such as management / board meetings or annual planning conferences

Vendor Management

IT solutions are often surrounded by overly complex jargon and non IT specialists can be bamboozled by salesmen or technicians.

It is sometimes the case that vendors can make use of this confusion and firms are left feeling frustrated and unsure of what they purchased. As a result firms can struggle with managing their relationship with suppliers.

We are experienced in bridging the gap between suppliers and consumers of IT solutions. As we have on referral fee or commission arrangements we are totally focused on getting the best outcomes for our clients.

We can enhance service delivery by undertaking full management of vendor relationships to ensure best value and service are provided. We ensure long term beneficial vendor relationships by defining service requirements, key performance indicators and vendor management protocols. 

IT Strategy Creation

A successful IT strategy one which supports the wider business strategy and ensures that IT is an enabler.Using a experienced 3rd party to assist in the creation of the IT strategy will enhance the internal knowledge and experience and bring fresh ideas into the process.

We work closely alongside client firms to ensure the successful creation and adoption of long term IT Strategies.

Before undertaking the creation of any long term IT Strategy we will ensure that we have a clear idea of the overall strategy and plans for the business and establish the current and future requirements of the business.

Working with key business stakeholders, and potentially the firm’s key clients and suppliers, we will identify areas where solutions are required to support the firm’s business objectives.

We will then identify the changes needed to transform the IT services from their present status to the required status, taking into account any opportunities or market changes.

With our hands on operational and managerial experience our approach is no-nonsense business and user focused.