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Stick or twist?

Are our current systems future-proof?
Well as nobody can fully predict the future there is no definition of a future-proof system, despite what some vendors might claim. We can, however, observe the direction in which legal technology is heading and we can certainly ask some questions to determine if incumbent systems will be able to keep pace and evolve accordingly.

Collaborating Effectively in Microsoft 365

In the second part of the series on Microsoft 365, we take a closer look at the collaboration tools available on the platform. In the current situation, with workforces spread geographically whilst working from their homes, the ability to effectively collaborate remotely has never been so important.

The curious case of the disappearing phone system

Over the last five to ten years, it has become normal to follow a cloud-first IT Strategy. This is particularly the case when considering telephone systems. The promise of a more robust platform on a ‘pay per user per month’ basis makes compelling business sense for such commodity services.




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