Document and email management system implementations can be a huge upheaval and costly. Both of these comments are potentially true, however the benefit of getting an implementation correct from the start far outweighs the cost and upheaval of having to live with a system that does not suit the needs of your firm.

We have developed a service to implement NetDocuments in a way that supports your business and ensures you receive all the benefits you can expect from this market-leading, cloud-first and cloud-only solution in the fastest possible time.

The Starting Point

The decision to purchase NetDocuments has been made and contracts signed. At this point we will be given access to your system and arrange the initial consultancy.

Initial Consultancy

We first need to find out how you would like NetDocuments to be set up to suit your firm’s needs. We have developed a process that goes through all the settings needed to get the system going for you and we will guide you through the decisions you take.

Our advice on best practice has been gathered during numerous other implementations for firms from two users up to nearly 400. You can rest assured that any settings can be changed when people start to use the system and thereafter.

System Setup

When the initial consultancy has been completed, we will set up NetDocuments according to the agreed settings.

This will include:

  • Creation of the required data cabinets
  • Creation of document profiles ¹
  • Setup of users and user groups
  • Setup of email management
  • Setup of link to Microsoft 365 (where available) ²

Initial Setup Review

When the system has been set up, a review with you takes place to ensure all requirements have been interpreted correctly and for the client to see their system for the first time.

This section takes around two hours to complete and adjustments may be required thereafter.

User Acceptance, Training and Testing

We advocate that a group of users in the firm consisting of both fee earning and support teams is identified and consulted. This group can influence the setup, test the training curriculum and be advocates to colleagues. We understand that this may not be possible in every firm.

Practice Management Integration

Integration with the current practice management system will allow for the automatic creation of the specific NetDocuments environment (workspace).³

NetDocuments Client Software

To integrate with Microsoft Office and some PDF applications, software will need to be installed/deployed on the users’ PCs.

Data Migration

One of the major challenges for a document management system project is the migration of existing data from your old filing structure into NetDocuments.

This is particularly important when transferring from systems such as OneDrive/Google Drive/Server File Share and SharePoint or other document management systems into NetDocuments.

This element of the project is subject to existing data review after which time we provide a time and cost estimate for the effort needed.


User Training

Training can be carried out in a classroom setting, group demonstration, individually, on-site or online. Our standard content will be adjusted to reflect your chosen setup and identified areas of need.

This takes 90 minutes to two hours per session.

Administration Training

This includes day-to-day administration activities such as adding and removing users (if Microsoft Azure Active Directory is not used), recovery of deleted items, roll back of document versions and so on.

This takes one hour per session.

Go-live Day

We provide support on the go-live day, either on-site or online. If on-site, this includes supporting the users at their desks after training.

Post Go-live Support

For 30 days after go-live, we will provide full support for your firm.

After that period, we can offer a formal support agreement that covers:

  • User support calls
  • Administration support calls/tasks
  • Changes to the setup
  • NetDocuments update notices
  • Liaison with NetDocuments if necessary.

Support is available directly from NetDocuments as part of the service subscription but please note, this covers support calls from administrators only and not users. Also it does not cover changes to the setup.


1. Document Profiles

Every item (document, workbook, slide deck, email and so on) within NetDocuments has an associated profile. A profile is simply a way to describe a document’s attributes for easier identification and searching.

For example, every document will usually have the following profile fields:

  • Client
  • Matter
  • Name
  • Author
  • Document Type

2. Link to Microsoft 365

Most firms have purchased a Microsoft 365 subscription for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and most Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions include access to Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

To enhance the management and security of users, we strongly recommend that NetDocuments is integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. With this connection, it is possible to provide multifactor authentication access to NetDocuments.

This work will be carried out in conjunction with the client’s Microsoft 365 administrator.

3. Practice Management Integration

Some systems such as Clio, ActionStep and Legalsense have built in connectors to NetDocuments so these integrations are fast and easy. For other more traditional systems such as Tikit TFB, ALB, Elite, Aderant and other practice management systems, there is a separate interface program that requires more work to set up.

This section is dependent on the practice management system in place but normally takes two hours to complete. We will require client administration support.

4. PC and Apple Software

NetDocuments software will need to be installed on each PC or Apple device. We have a documented process that can be carried out on individual devices.

Software such as Microsoft System Endpoint Configuration Manager is the favoured route with a significant number of users.

As part of this, we will provide a standard set of registry keys for deployment to PCs.

If done manually, each PC setup takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.