IT Review & Strategy Development for Taylor & Emmet

A full IT review leading to the development of an IT strategy

Executive Summary
Client challenge:
Taylor & Emmet requested a full ‘root and branch’ review of their IT that would lead to an IT strategy. The review covered the following areas:

  • Infrastructure – Including the networks, the servers and computer room hardware, communications links (network connectivity and broadband capacity), backups and business continuity.
  • Software – Covering all key elements of the firm’s IT software to assess whether the current software was effective and appropriate.
  • IT Team and Resourcing – Analysis of the capabilities of the IT team and whether the right level of resourcing was in place.
  • A detailed staff IT survey to understand user needs and perceptions.
BDC’s Solution
To undertake a full assessment of Taylor & Emmet’s IT and to prepare an IT strategy for the firm. The following was provided to Taylor & Emmet:

  • A detailed IT review report complete with recommendations.
  • A full IT strategy providing a list of future projects.
Engagement impact

  • The firm obtained a greater understanding of the current state of its IT and processes.
  • Staff requirements and views were better understood
  • A clear IT strategy was in place which included upcoming projects prioritised according to urgency.