Baskerville Drummond is proud to be one of the Founding Suppliers of Calico Legal Solutions Group.

Calico is a unique collaboration of established and trusted suppliers to over 4,000 legal firms combined from niche practices to the high street, regional and national law firms. The members cover a wide range of services such as finance, insurance, marketing, business and IT consulting and more.

Calico’s purpose is to be “The Essential Resource for Law Firms” by providing thought-leadership articles and access to a group of reputable and trusted suppliers. This focus on adding value via collaborative creation of thought-leadership articles and topics was really important to us when we considered joining the group.

Calico CompassThe Calico group publish several articles a week and the website is already a rich source of knowledge-led content from the various Calico suppliers. The content is very different from other websites – no sales writing and no adverts!

Have a look at the Calico Legal Group website to learn more and to sign up for Compass, Calico’s magazine, to ensure you receive a selection of such articles delivered periodically to your Inbox.

Our Calico page and articles can be found at Baskerville Drummond

Our membership as founding members also means we meet regularly with the other Calico members and as a result have a strong knowledge of their products and services. This expands our capabilities as a trusted advisor to law firms and expands our knowledge of what other law firms are currently doing.

Calico is very much about thought leadership. If you are one of our clients then there is an opportunity to write articles or case studies for publication on the Calico site, giving your firm some positive brand awareness in the market.