A review of the firm’s current Business Information reporting capability and any need for a new solution.


Client Challenge

Lanyon Bowdler requested a review of their Business Information (BI) reporting. The review covered the following areas:

  • A review of the current BI reporting software available within the firm.
  • Consideration of the processes used to gather data and to produce BI reports.
  • Interviews with staff to understand their BI requirements and whether these were being met.
  • A determination of whether a new BI reporting solution was required.
  • Advice on the relative timing for a BI reporting project and a PMS replacement project.

BDC Solution

To undertake a full assessment of Lanyon Bowdler’s BI capability to determine opportunities for improvement and potential solutions. The following was provided to Lanyon Bowdler:

  • A detailed BI review report.
  • Although not a formal deliverable for the project, several potential replacement solutions were identified.

Engagement Impact

  • The firm obtained a greater understanding of the limitations of its current BI tools.
  • Advice was obtained for the timing of the BI and PMS projects.
  • Several possible BI solutions were identified in readiness for a BI selection project.

“Baskerville Drummond was retained by Lanyon Bowdler to review the firm’s need for a new Business Information (BI) reporting solution. As a result of this initial investigation we now have a better understanding of our requirements and the options available to us. We also have more clarity regarding where the timing of this project should sit in relation to other initiatives within the firm.”

Robin Thain

IT Manager, Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors