Jayva UK

Jayva UK are a specialist provider of consultancy and training to law firms throughout the UK.

Our sister company Jayva US Inc, in the USA, provides implementation consultancy to US attorneys and law offices.

Our team of highly knowledgeable, dynamic consultants and trainers understand your challenges and can help you overcome them by tailoring our support to your unique needs.
Projects range from business process reengineering to project rescue and everything in between. We’re your trusted advisor, delivering exceptional solutions.

You can instruct Jayva on an ad hoc, ongoing or fixed term basis thereby tapping into our renowned expertise for one off or regular projects, without committing to full time, permanent employees.

We think our genuinely caring attitude is what makes Jayva truly different. Relationships are at the core of everything we do, not only with our employees and clients, but also with associates and other stakeholders. We work collaboratively and the end result is exceptional solutions with which we’re rewarded loyal, repeat users who readily recommend our services to prospective clients.
We believe in collaboration and specialisation, and work with a close network of trusted partners.

If you approach us for a project which doesn’t meet our skill set, we won’t try to deliver on something if we feel one of our partners would deliver stronger results. We always recommend the best solution for clients, even if that means Jayva doesn’t undertake the work for certain tasks.

What differentiates us

  • Holistic approach – not just one facet of the business – Bringing together People, Process and Technology.
  • Approach – collaborative, down to earth approach to delivering achievable solutions
  • Strong accounts and systems background ensuring any procedural changes made in the wider firm, are understood, the impact of change known and no financial or regulatory risk introduced
  • Highly experiences network of specialist consultants for all Legal Practice management services.

We are not a consultant which looks at a discrete subset of tasks in a law firm. Our team look holistically at a particular challenge or project bringing together all the departments and client needs, and tackling people, process and technology as part of a wider programme of change
Led by a Chartered Accountant Owner and Managing Director, financial performance and compliance are at the core of the solutions we provide.

It is not viable for a law firm to look at process related projects at a fee earning level without understanding the financial and regulatory impact on a business. The accounts department, and the interaction with accounts can be one of the most challenging departments in which to affect positive change. Not because of a reluctance but because there is an inherent fear that automation will loosen control and introduce opportunities for error or worse still fraud.

Knowing and understanding the financial and regulatory requirements intimately through years of experience not only helps in finding effective compliant and cost effective solutions, but in building a rapport and trust with the people involved in managing the financial systems. Confidence in knowing that if we change a process, that the impact will not be one that introduces financial or regulatory risk.

Nicola Moore-Miller


Beginning with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting, Nicola later gained Chartered Management Accountant status, an accreditation she maintains to this day.

As well as her enviable finance knowledge including an in-depth understanding of the complicated SRA Accounts Rules, Nicola’s got a keen awareness of how law firms operate across departments. She can guide and train employees of any role on how to better manage their workload and concentrate on client service.

Nicola’s experience is both within legal practice and in the legal software vendor arena, so she understands both sides of the coin.

As Managing Director of Jayva UK Ltd since our inception in 2014, Nicola’s been instrumental in leading our business through four years of incredibly rapid growth.

Married with two young children, Nicola is also a non-executive director for a local charity, a nursery and out-of-school club which provides care and education for children aged 4 to 11 in Gosforth, Cumbria.

Nicola is also the owner and president of our sister company, Jayva US Inc, and is currently supporting the development of the US team at a very exciting time. 



  • Accounts Procedural Review

  • Fee Earner to Accounts Workflow Analysis

  • Accounts PMS selection and requirements gathering

  • End User Training – Most PMS/CMS solutions
  • Accounting System Project Management
  • Legal Accounts Software Training
  • People, Process, Technology Review
  • Accounting Controls System Healthcheck
  • Opening Balance and Data Reconciliation service