Baskerville Drummond Group

Working in partnership to offer Business Solutions for the People in Law Firms

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

It has long been recognised that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Aristotle said as much over two thousand years ago) and it is certainly a maxim that we embrace.

We often work with like minded professionals whom we trust and respect to deliver complementary services to our clients, so some of us got together to explore how we might take this a step further and offer a range of services under one roof. We soon agreed that this would be attractive to our clients, so we formed the Baskerville Drummond Group.

Collectively we offer “Business Solutions for the People in Law Firms” and the bit that is most important to us in this is “the People”. People are at the heart of every organisation and the relationships we create and nurture are what inspire us to do great things for you. Whilst most consultants provide services for companies we never forget that our primary responsibility is to the people in those companies, and this guides our approach from the very start.

Group Partners

Jayva UK Limited is a specialist provider of consultancy and training to law firms throughout the UK.

Baskerville Drummond is a leading independent IT consultancy who specialise in advising law firms and Legal Technology solution providers.

Legal Workflow are creators of innovative services and integrations that drive increased productivity, improved profitability, smarter service provision.

Supporting the needs of

multi-disciplinary Firms

Recognising that people are at the heart of all companies, and a knowledgeable but personable approach delivers better end results, Baskerville Drummond Group has been formed by three specialist suppliers in the legal sector to address the evolving needs of modern-day legal service providers in a more collaborative way; the ultimate aim being to bring together people, process, technology and data.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services and business solutions under one umbrella brand, Baskerville Drummond Group’s portfolio includes software development solutions and third-party-system integrations, software and hardware consultancy, business management consultancy, project management, tailored training, and business process and system reviews.

Why Choose Us

Working with small to mid-sized law firms, Baskerville Drummond Group’s clients can extend the resources available to their respective teams by enlisting the Group to cover almost all of their law firm’s business project needs. Encouraging growth and continuous improvement by utilising existing resources to optimum effect and providing a one-stop-shop for busy practitioners, clients are promised a healthy return on their investment, with less risk and more reward, rather than managing multiple supplier relationships in multi-faceted project delivery.

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