Baskerville Drummond (BDC) has announced the appointment of Anthony Crammer as its new Virtual IT Service Manager.

With the rapid growth in BDC’s Virtual IT Director (VITD) service in 2020, Anthony is coming in to boost the resources available to clients on the same flexible, ‘insourced’ basis, with the emphasis on hands-on tech support and supplier management.

David Baskerville explains the rationale: “The Virtual IT roles have come into their own with so many firms choosing to outsource their IT infrastructure and line of business systems. While removing a certain element of cost and complexity outsourcing doesn’t mean an end to either strategic planning or performance management – or supplier issues and technical problems. And while the VITD service has helped with the former, we recognised that we could also help more with the latter – but only with the introduction of dedicated, expert personnel.

Anthony is a cracking fit for the role – he is a proven IT service specialist, with twenty years of analyst, helpdesk and service delivery experience across a number of high-pressure professional and commercial environments. His instinctive ‘can-do’ attitude coupled with great problem-solving and people management skills makes him a strong addition to any client team – and it just helps us take our client care up yet another notch.

Firms have always liked us for our willingness to take ownership and get things done the right way. Managing suppliers and monitoring their service delivery and SLAs as well as orchestrating service desks and having the ability to solve glitches then and there, all these things we can now also own and help with, consistently and at scale. As firms continue to digitally evolve, we expect there to be continued strong demand for this sort of expert practical input.”