Since our inception Baskerville Drummond has quietly supported charities via charitable donations or taking part in events. Where possible we actively look to support our clients and supplier contacts in their charitable activities and as a result a fantastic picture of Nelly the Elephant on the office wall !

We have also done some sporty things – David has also taken part in a Coast to Coast charity cycle ride and Kevin has done some charity cycle rides for the British Heart Foundation.

Paul is a highly active member of a community charity in St Albans, Hertfordshire and since 1981 has been involved with raising funds for Cancer Research UK with the Annual Christmas Pudding Race.

So far our activities have been limited to such charitable donations rather than following a formal “CSR” agenda.

When Thereza joined Baskerville Drummond she was keen for us to become more active in this very important element. Thereza’s own passion is diversity and inclusion with a particular focus on increasing the number of Women in Legal technology.

At a recent Legal IT conference the delegates were described as “White Male and Stale” and there was commentary about how representation at such events had changed.

As part of the “White Male and Stale” problem we initially wondered how the rest of us could support Thereza in this cause without appearing tokenistic. We then realised that with Kevin (a calm American), Paul (a left handed Yorkshireman) and David (a Beardy Ginger) we weren’t so “White Male and Stale” after all.

In any event it should never be a label which defines us – it’s about ensuring everyone has the same opportunity regardless of race, colour or creed and that’s something we can all get behind.

We also recognised we haven’t spent enough time talking to our clients or suppliers about their CSR programs and going forward we will be doing much more of this including CSR elements in our vendor selection processes.